Stone People

The Stone People


The Stone People were drawn from the lava of the Furnace and given shape by divine power during the First Age. The Stone People are asexual: they were each created by the gods during the First Age. Those who survive to this day are literally millions of years old.

As individuals

The Stone People are typically three to six meters tall with few details to distinquish one from another. Solid gray stone all the way through the Stone People are very resistant to damage: it takes great force to shatter their bodies and even then in a few decades the stone grows whole, distinquishable of the old stone only by its extremely smooth surface. The Stone People require no food, water or air to sustain themselves and disease, poison or old age can do them no harm. When active they move with surprising grace and as quickly as any fleshy mortal. They are fairly strong and become tired only after exerting themselves for geologically significant periods of time.

The Stone People possess infinite patience and can tune out pain at will. Most of them spend their time observing the world: they typically sit on the tallest local hill or mountain staring at the landscape. The pace of their life is usually slow: centuries may pass with them just blinking a few times and perhaps changing the position of their head just slightly.

Although they are immune to old age the Stone People are not truly immortal: any part separated from the head becomes inanimate, and if the head itself is shattered the creature is destroyed forever. Mages are willing to pay exorbitant sums for such stone because it still contains a tiny essence of the divine spark that powered it in life. The pieces of dead Stone People are very powerful, but very rare, sources of magical power.

As a race

Although they have walked the world for millions of years the Stone People have left remarkably few signs of themselves on it. The only thing constructed by them is the Cave of Tablets where they have preserved the history of the world with great detail in massive stone carvings. Of course the history of the world according to Stone People is fairly alien to the average mortal: a lot of space and great detail is given to mountains rising millions of years ago while the existance of other mortal races is given just a quick mention at the end. Their cities and wars have escaped notice entirely. The Stone People are not incapable of observing events quicker than tectonic movements: the changing of the direction of the global wind flow for a year was noted and carved on the walls. It is merely a question of what they consider important: if it has not been there for at least a few millenia it is almost certainly nothing worthy of notice.

The Stone People are highly skilled in carving and working stone with their bare hands. They have nothing that could be described as technology: they have never needed any.

Stone People

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