Creation timeline

Here’s the timeline for the First and Second Ages. Details may or may not match the game. Please link to other articles.

Timeline for the (brutally long) Third Age will follow, eventually. There’s quite a bit to transcribe (scanning would be useless with these), so I’m pacing myself.

Round 1
H creates Misty Mountains (N of The Furnace) and arid climate (now Badlands)
M creates southern reefs
Sevain creates Inland Sea and Rain Mountains
MuadMouse creates The Furnace and makes surrounding climate hot; southern peninsula near reefs made tropical
E creates extremely cold area in the north
Nasta creates western desert
Mercuria creates marshes and forest on northern island
Ja creates Bay Hills and forest south of The Glacier, makes climate in both rainy
Kohme expands Badlands, creates Modest Hills bordered by cliffs
Jenian creates The Pit
A creates jungle in Reef Point

Round 2
H creates fields of daisies and shooting star flowers N of The Pit
M creates river delta S of the desert, makes H’s daisies poisonous and shooting stars carnivorous (The Killing Fields)
Sevain rests.
MuadMouse expands hot area around The Furnace
E creates The Glacier
Nasta creates savannah around the desert
Mercuria creates canyon to separate SW peninsula from mainland, places geyser on new island
Ja expands Bay Hills to The Glacier, establishes warm, humid wind stream south to north
Kohme creates mountains N of Modest Hills
Jenian creates Avatar in The Pit (giant spider)
A creates Avatar in The Furnace (30’ stone colossus)

Round 3
H creates Mud Pits
M creates lake and waterfalls to join the delta S of savannah; creates giant worm infested sand dunes W of The Furnace
Sevain creates the Stone People in The Furnace
MuadMouse makes The Furnace erupt violently, turning sand dunes to ash (Land of the Ash Worms), expands E coast mountains to Mud Pits
E creates rift (Frozen Scar) and The Mountain of Ice
Nasta creates Golden Falls and the waters attached, makes rich in fish, creates forest between Golden Falls and Badlands
Mercuria creates Avatar near north island (water dragon)
Ja has meteor strike Land of the Ash Worms, creating bay surrounded by glass hills; creates The Many Lakes
Kohme creates fertile grassland from Modest Hills to Mud Pits, mountains from Modest Hills to Killing Fields
Jenian creates atoll N of Killing Fields and palm trees around The Pit (Entrancing Forest)
A creates Ashen Moors SW of The Furnace, and ice bridge from The Glacier to northern island; avatar creates engineers’ guild among Stone Men

Round 4
H creates plateau S of Golden Falls, reefs S of northern island; makes The Pit Peninsula rainy
M creates Avatar in Grim Desert (Grim Reaper, invisible)
Sevain expands Rain Mts., makes wildlife in Howling Forest particularly vicious
MuadMouse creates Steam Mts.
E creates the subrace Men of Ice from the Stone People, settle in The Glacier; creates perpetual magical snowstorm E of The Furnace
Nasta expands Green Forest, expands Grim Desert W
Mercuria creates beach on northern island, merpeople S of beach
Ja expands The Many Lakes
Kohme expands Badlands, creates hills S of Mud Pits, creates tunnel from The Pit to N of Killing Fields
Jenian creates cliffs along Pit Peninsula, makes land of The Pit very arable, creates Eternal Tempest
A creates the Salt Flats

Round 5 – 2nd Age begins
H creates Mud People in Mud Pits
M creates Seafolk near southern river delta and Panthermen on arable plains E of The Pit
Sevain creates Wolfmen in Howling Forest
MuadMouse creates Beastmen between The Furnace and the perpetual snowstorm
Nasta creates Avatar (a bear), creates Fishmen in Golden Falls lake
Ja creates Insectmen in Many Lakes, creates Avatar (a rolling hive)
Kohme creates Plainsmen on coast N of Modest Hills, who found Capitol and advance architecture
Jenian creates Alinthier (intelligent giant spiders) in The Pit
A creates the Ashen Folk S of Land of the Ashworms, Ashen Folk advance steelmaking

Round 6
H creates avatar (giant gray slimy lizard) among Mudmen, Mudmen found city of Blob (later Red Brick)
M has Panthermen found the city of The Pride, Seafolk found Seaport
Sevain has Stonemen found The Cave of Tablets; Wolfmen advance guerrilla warfare
MuadMouse creates Avatar (beastly, muscular humanoid), corrupts Beastmen who found The Rocks of Impaling
Nasta has Fishmen advance enthralling song and found Bradwell
Ja has Insectmen advance flying, found The Hive inside avatar
Kohme has Plainsmen advance defense warfare and build walls in Capitol
Jenian has Avatar create Eldar on the Atoll; Alinthier advance weaponry
A has Ashen Folk found The Sunken City and advance smoke powder

Round 7
H has Mudmen advance siege warfare and deluges the lands of the Plainsmen
M has Avatar found the Brotherhood of the Sacred Passing (occult monks) amongst Seafolk; Seafolk advance seafaring and found Cliffside; Panthermen advance communication
Sevain has Cave of Tablets build library; Wolfmen found River Encampment, avatarhood inherited through right of might
MuadMouse corrupts Beastmen, who advance raiding; Avatar has them found Wet Grave (later Dark Grave); Rocks of Impaling builds slaughterhouses
Nasta has Fishmen advance archery, Bradwell builds the wonder of water walls; subrace Green Fishmen settle in Green Forest
Ja has Insectmen advance war magic, found warrior order in The Hive
Kohme has Plainsmen found Highwall, raise armies in Capitol and Highwall
Jenian has Eldar found Pearl of the World and advance arcane arts, building school of magic in Pearl of the World; Alinthier found City of Shade
A corrupts Ashen Folk who found Flatlands (later God’s Pathway) and City of Glass, and advance glassmaking

Round 8
H creates order of rabid berserkers among Wolfmen; lizard-shaped individuals appear among Mudmen
M has Brotherhood of the Sacred Passing spread amongst Ashen Folk; Seafolk advance raiding (by establishing the Sandwalkers, an order of dervishes who approach under the cover of storms) and sea raiding
Sevain makes the winters of Howling Forest bitterly cold, Wolfmen advance survival
MuadMouse corrupts Beastmen (now called Darkbeasts)
Nasta has Green Fishmen found Woodstock and an order of female warriors there; Bradwell and Woodstock raise armies
Ja has Insectmen advance fertility and raise an army in The Hive; Avatar has them found Sea Nest
Kohme creates Avatar (The Grey Knight), Highwall builds walls
Jenian has Alinthier advance strategy and the Avatar order the founding of the Deathwatch (monastic warrior order); creates Eldinthier, a subrace that combines features of Eldar and Alinthier (appear in cities of both races)
A corrupts Eldar and Pearl of the World; Ashen Folk advance tactics

Round 9 – 3rd Age begins

Creation timeline

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